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EBA benefits for your membership
We would like to present our tailor-made membership benefits to enhance your presence in the European Business Association:
Branding: conference rooms
Introduce yourself to every EBA guest. Another perfect brand display opportunity.
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EBA Design Crew
Never compromise with boring visuals. You can make your corporate e-mailing bright and remarkable with the EBA Design Crew solutions.
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Corporate Partnership
Win-win cooperation and the most comprehensive benefits package ever.
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Event Partnership
The EBA delivers a great selection of various business and social-oriented events, which truly enrich the lifestyle of our members.
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Tailor-Made Networking Event
Looking for great networking opportunities?
Then Fish for Your Business Partner is the format right for you.
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Regional Roadshow
The EBA enjoys a wide range of connections throughout Ukraine, and we are glad to introduce them to you to give you another platform for development.
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Personal Manager
Your guide and strategic partner in annual planning. Will ensure a return on your membership investment.
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Product Placement
Smart recognition of your uniqueness.
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EBA HR Support
New job opportunities & searching for awesome colleagues.
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Welcome Membership Pack
If your partners have not joined the EBA yet, you may recommend them to order Welcome Pack and feel all our membership benefits!
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We work for your business
Enjoy all the benefits of a premier business association in Ukraine as well as flexible solutions tailored to your company. We understand your business needs and signpost you to the extensive range of business support.
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