Your Company Video
Show your work, unique management style or just become a hero of short film – inspiring video powered by the EBA.
Video content will dominate. It used to be that most content was text based, and video content was a novelty. No longer. In 2018 video content will continue to grow in relevance.
When a viewer has an opinion about an image based on their personal thoughts. Personal response depends on the viewer's thoughts and values individually. This might be sometimes in conflict with cultural values.
This option includes:
Making a brief, answering the questions, which will help in creating the unique concept
Approval of the final film script
The work of operator (assistant), PR-specialist or colleague from the EBA Customer Care department
Filmmaking process
Placement of the video on the EBA Facebook page and other channels
Forming of the target audience for mass-mailing the invitation with a link to the video to a special event for a company, e.g. Open Day
Price: 1200.
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